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  1. rabidsnypr

    Look what came in today

    I already own it but got it all now for n64. The case, booklet and game. I'm probably gonna give away my other copy in the future. It's so difficult to play on n64.lol
  2. rabidsnypr

    Look what came in today

    I've been collecting games alot longer lol. I already knew it wasnt worth much but if you love CnC, you have to own the n64 game. Gtfo. Stop trolling topics. Thanks.
  3. More info in the scriptof the video guys https://youtu.be/MVdd0cOOBGg Enjoy. \m/
  4. rabidsnypr


    So it depends on what computer I'm on and where I'm at(Location in the house and what house I'm in. I got two houses). Is there links to GameMusic.7z so I can Download it myself to unzip and throw them in the folders myself? They don't download on windows xp machines from whatever reason, they reach the end and mess up. Don't dis on the windows xp pro. I have machines that still update and I love windows xp. For all the Games, Except Dune, I cant dune's link to work for me to download it. Thanks \m/
  5. rabidsnypr


    Mike on beyond science with his 2 million plus subs, shows them Kane on his latest video on time travel!! https://youtu.be/wuIuColsmRY Is Mike a real cnc fan??? im jimmy j on there I left some Kane and nod stuff in my comment.
  6. rabidsnypr

    I need a programmers help

    Does anyone know how to read and or extract the source code of a .elf extension. The reason is, the .elf files are used for playstation 2 gaming. Loaded with ulauncherElf on soft modded consoles. The guy harrysixtwo has been created custom elf patches for the Socom 2 Online community to make fair game play online using xlink kai(a lan tunneling service). He recently(yesterday) released a new patch that has a auto update feature. I asked him to release the source and he took it as insulting. I just don't trust that kind of thing. How do I know he isn't stealing vital information through packet sniffing or anything else? Here a the link to his elf file. http://update.ps2.host/r0005/ I was looking infomation up on Google and there isn't much I got.
  7. Updated 8/7/17: Added Renlaucher back with new links, Added Server List New Link for Ren Launcher Added Missing Textures for Rencorner Marathon Maps(It would show Westwood Symbols on Certain Maps) added link for TTscripts 4.3 added Renegade X links and info added Renegade: Tiberium Sun Reborn Link and Info added Renegade: Red Alert A Path Beyond aka Ren Alert(Renegade Red Alert) First you gotta make sure the game is installed.(Note: Directories are different with 1st Decade Pack and the Origin Download(I think with the Origin DL version) As long as you can find your renegade folder) Note: I couldn't get this to work with Windows XP or Windows Vista. This is for Windows 7 and up. Ren Launcher Does NOT work on Windows XP and Vista(Due to no more Microsoft support) I had Issues with 4.1 Script Installation on Windows Vista because of lack of Full Control Privileges. Please new updated TTscripts 4.6 here http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe For windows XP Use XWIS(WOL) Launcher(RenList 1.07 has been working on Windows XP for me): go here http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=37326&start=0&rid=23454 on how to Set that up to use instead of Renlauncher because Renlauncher DOES NOT work for Windows XP or Vista. (Don't ask me how to use it, because I am still trying to figure out XWIS. And striketeam forums don't exist anymore.) I got Iso's because I use Daemon's tool run any cds based games. Make your your game is updated with the following https://i.imgrpost.com/imgr/2018/07/16/ren1.md.jpg or the patch update: English Version: ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/renegade/updates/Renegade_1037_English.exe'>ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/renegade/updates/Renegade_1037_English.exe Other Languages here: ftp://ftp.westwood.com/pub/renegade/updates/ https://i.imgrpost.com/imgr/2018/07/16/ren2.jpg after that you can install 4.4 scripts into the directory which can be found here. 4.6 here http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe 4.4 here http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.4.exe Original Directory for the Westwood EA Game: C:\Westwood\Renegade the Installation for 1st Decade https://i.imgrpost.com/imgr/2018/07/16/ren3.jpg Path or Directory to Follow for 1st Decade. C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer Renegade\Renegade http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/launcherqa.zip Now this is a little different. It's not a double click .exe file. It's a compressed file. So you would need either winzip http://www.winzip.com/win/en/index.htm or winrar http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm They are both free. I use winrar. Now you have to double click to open the zip file and highlite and drag and drop the files into your data folder inside your renegade folder. https://i.imgrpost.com/imgr/2018/07/16/ren4.jpg or use RenList RenList 1.07 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nWS9-SuHT4AGooSsXE2-dpj46t0_iYl- Now You download Ren Launcher from here: https://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Renegade/renlauncher.exe This I put in my Renegade Directory and make a short cut on my desktop. https://imgrpost.com/image/sF4oU Now You can find a server listing here for Ren Launcher https://cncnet.org/renegade#servers I made a shortcut on my desktop copy the link. right click on your desktop and paste the link for the shortcut directoy And you just highlite and copy the ip address from the site. Open Your renlauncher(https://downloads.cncnet.org/Games/Renegade/renlauncher.exe). and paste it in there, give yourself a screen name/nick name/ gamer tag whatever. ALSO INSTALL MISSING TEXTURES HERE Download here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CdEkP4Pobyh_yWkwNRjyjbUBiJPMLhUe (Rencorner forum link for the files here http://rencorner.com/index.php?/topic/4813-rxd-textures-field-islands/) Extract into Your Renegade Data Folder(You don't want to see them Westwood Symbols during your game) Click Launch and bam!! you are playing Renegade. Note: Some Servers you will have to manually DL maps. most Servers are up to date and DL the maps for you before entering the game. The Reason I made this, is because I want more players on Renegade and maybe get more servers up and running. Especially with new maps. If I knew how to make a Server. I would try too. Windows 10 users using EA's Origin: (Thanks to Plokite_Wolf) Get the Tiberian Technologies 4.3 client from here: http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.3.exe Run the game in compatibility mode for WinXP SP3 or Win98, and always, always, always run the game and its config exe as administrator. Or turn off the UAC in Windows. Also, disable Origin for all TUC games and use the fixed launchers: http://bibber.eu/downloads/cnc-ultimate-collection-launchers/ You can us Renlauncher Or Xwis Or Renlist. I use Renlist. Renlist 1.09 Here https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/70-renlist/?do=download&csrfKey=c00ed573f4f7e4c72e1da91ce5ea5938 I use 1.07 because i had issues with 1.09 not loading my game. 1.07 here https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=41869 HOW TO USE RENLIST So download Renlist. it's in the attachmenta on this post and very easy to use. Version 1.07 works for me unlike the previous versions. Works on windows xp and up.use winrar or winzip(they both are free) extract the files to a folder and Click Renlist.exe Imaage here: https://forums.cncnet.org/uploads/monthly_2016_04/pic.jpg.f7fd68d8cc370e8091436fa817da6984.jpg use GSA tab and make a user name and it will load up with a list of servers. all you have to do is when it loads is click on a game name and click connect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Play Renegade: Tiberian Sun Reborn and Renegade: Red Alert: Download the W3D Hub Launcher Client here: https://w3dhub.com/#/home (Click Download and Play Now) Sign up here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/register/ Install the Client. Once installed and registered, Open the Client, Sign in with the account you registered on the website, Click on Games Click on the game on the left side and it should give you the option to install the game for free when it load the page loads. Red Alert A Path Beyond & Tiberian Sun Reborn They are in development with other game on the side too. (W3d HUB home page https://w3dhub.com/#/home) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RENEGADE X WARNING: REQUIRES HIGH END GAMING PC TO PLAY!!!! Website here https://renegade-x.com/ Download for Free here: https://renegade-x.com/files/ Self Explanatory, Install, The client will download and install the game Make a user name etc pick a server and play online
  8. Updated 7-16-2018 Updated Scripts 4.6 from 4.4 Link updated links and replaced them with google drive links for the data and the renlist links as well. updated pictures link and more Enjoy P.S. Any Questions, Comments or concerns, or want more pics to understand something, let me know. -Thanks
  9. rabidsnypr

    Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3

    Does anyone play it here? Do you play Patch 1.0 Patch 1.1? Patch 1.2 Balanced Mod?(Someone made a mod to re-balance the game) do you play multiplayer? I know of using game ranger but i always get version mismatch because no one uses the patch etc. here's a cool link i googles to get the patches and information about the game http://stormovergift3.blogspot.com/ I loved the game as a kid, I played it for hours, beat the game with all 4 sides. I wanted to play multiplayer but at the time i got fast internet, they shut it down using mplayer, then mplayer became gamespy arcade then no one really played it. i loved the story line, the graphics, the game play, etc, everything about it. I wish it would still live on and cncnet would adopt it and make a online multiplayer high def version of it like CnC. It would be really awesome. one of my favorite past time games including Z. These are windows 95 and 98 games i played with Command and Conquer When i had my dos cds. Also the game Dominion: storm over gift 3 Box art was amazing IMO. The game is based of G-Nome if anyone was wondering. if anyone has information about these games and a community still playing it, please let me know. Discuss please?
  10. rabidsnypr

    C&c Rivals

    I know, it's not that great. EA digs up the CNC grave and F**** it some more. I got put in to play it. I know I'm gonna be disappointed. I don't know why I'm gonna do this to myself but it's a new CnC game. I stopped playing storey lines at CNC 3 KANE expansion. Just curious is there anyone else trying out this trash? It wouldn't let met connect to servers last night, it kept saying it was my connection which is too funny. Please post. No flames or extremely negative trash talk(trash talk is allowed, but not to get this topic locked). I live streamed it for try number four to connect https://youtu.be/dswM_BgZ8kI I got nothing. Discuss
  11. I don't do tech support on this game unless I already had the problem in the past and fixed it. I will be updating the broken link pictures soon this week. Until then, watch this https://youtu.be/QM7rkEUs1o0
  12. rabidsnypr

    Promoting A Path Beyond & Renegade dying...

    APB server hosted by HUB3D or whatever it is had a ton of players on it last year. How did it due so quickly???
  13. rabidsnypr

    Looking for a sound

    I don't know where else to post this. If a mod moves this please pm me and me me know. Thanks. I'm looking for the sound file of the guy saying "So I took the Tiberius to the depository, you should of seen the look on their faces brother!" I don't know what it's from exactly. If anyone has it, could you please upload it so I can dl it. I want to make it my text alert lol
  14. rabidsnypr

    YouTube Submissions Now Open!

    I got a bunch on my channel if you guys want to rip them from it. I would rather not redownload them and reupload them. All 4 of my google drives are full of isos and other files. Please just rip them from my channel and link them I , the script. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRabidsnypr
  15. rabidsnypr

    Hello! anywone home?

  16. rabidsnypr

    Learning to live stream

    I just started not to long ago on how to live stream using obs. A buddy of mine that I play Socom 2 online with set it up because I got a capture card. I use my girl's computer because it' better then mine. I' still learning on how to use it for pc screen cap. I was live streaming me playing renegade earlier and I was messing with the screen. I could not figure out how to set up the screen better or fuller. I got it more centered then it being on one side. Advice would be nice. Here's the video https://youtu.be/UXzaZWgwDec Thanks
  17. rabidsnypr

    Renegade Idea

    I got an idea, This might be dumb, or its in the works or it's the works(BFD:WOA). But my idea, I would help create it if i knew how too. Renegade: Dune 2000, it would be cool af, to hear the sounds and be able to be the unit on the ground. have the 3 sides and 3 bases, 3 teams battling it out on maps for the Spice! I really think it would be really awesome and i know for a fact i would play it. I always liked Dune, watched the movie when I was a kid. upgrade your unit like you can in CNC: Renegde, Watch your vehicle get created from a 1st person or 3rd person view. watch the sandworms attack units outside the base and watch them attack the base, then the team has to go and defend them off. Add upgrades so you can put concrete down etc. because https://w3dhub.com/ had renegade red alert and tiberian sun. why not have a Dune version.
  18. rabidsnypr

    Other TS:Reborn Server????

    So i found another TS:Reborn Server. Where can i get the files to download it and play on it. Because Renlist says "Version Mismatch". Since it tries to load regular renegade. links would be nice. I have it on my w3d hub client but no one ever gets on it.....
  19. rabidsnypr

    Windows 7 Desktop Theme Packs

    I put the ones i found in a .rar file here. extract with winrar, winzip or that 7zip program. there is 1 windows 10 theme. i wanted to see if i can find a way to get it working with windows 7. i never tried it and it even says use at your won risk or something like that. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Okbt-jOyj2HFGdYSOKOpq8yd2cQKrln8 i added photos to mine too, so i have more backgrounds. when you have the theme window open, click on desktorp and drag and drop anything background pics you downloaded and check mark them or as these new school noobs call it, tick the box for the backgrounds you want to appear in your theme that you are using. if anyone finds any that i don't have please share them with me. thanks p.s. i found this old topic on google searching for themes. i also have windows xp themes i will upload and share soon too. yes, i have systems with windows xp and yes they still get updates.
  20. Red Alert 3 Community Patch v 1.12.16 Now with a convenient installer for every available language with many bug fixes and enhancements. Fight in ranked matches to lay claim to the Red Alert 3 Ladder in the most polished version of the game yet. Read more and download the map pack: https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=1004431
  21. rabidsnypr

    Unable to Download Dune 2000

    i get this error Error establishing a database connection page link: http://gruntmods.com/?page_id=19
  22. update: 9-27-17 added 4.4 scripts and removed 4.3 scripts
  23. rabidsnypr

    HJK6 crap has to go

    stop crying and make your own maps. just saying.
  24. well thank you. my brother followed it just fine too. also thanks for the rep. updated the w3d launcher ink. the old link didn't work.
  25. Updated!!!!! Updated 8/7/17: Added Renlaucher back with new link, Added New Link Server List for Ren Launcher Added Missing Textures for Rencorner Marathon Maps(It would show Westwood Symbols on Certain Maps) added link for TTscripts 4.3 added Renegade X links and info added Renegade: Tiberium Sun Reborn Link and Info added Renegade: Red Alert A Path Beyond aka Ren Alert(Renegade Red Alert) Go Back to Page 1, my First Post!!! https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3572-guide-how-to-setup-command-conquer-renegade-and-moreto-play-onlinewindows-users/