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Opening Cncnet5



When I run cncnet5...  it didn't load up the lobby...  and I checked  in window task manager ...  still process on cncnet5.exe... when I end task it  and then run cncnet5 again  still samething....  has to be loading veeeeeeeery slowwww..  I don't know what was it...    :huh: O_o

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Okay I figure out myself im gonna upload pictures for an example..  the big issue was Microsoft security Essentials has been lagging to cncnet.exe  of any games...  that you have been upgrade etc... etc..  like peer to peer  with 8 players...  so... here is the pictures of example how to get in MSE settings to add any games of cncnet folders  into exclusive files and folders...  that's how I don't get lag cncnet lobby anymore...  it work well...


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