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Apply for China/East Asia tunneling server


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Dear Administrator,


sorry for my poor English first.


I'm a fan of Red Alert 1, just as many people in china that i know of.

Glad to be able to find this platform for RA1 online game , it is amazing!

But we feel so pity that there is no a tunneling server for the players from china or East Asia.

After testing,We find a bad Connection with other people in the world, even like someone in china

Hope CNCnet technicians can  building a official server or provide a way out for us , Really need your help!

please feel free to us  for any donate or anything we can do. :laugh:

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Hi! We already had servers in Hong Kong and Thailand, but they turned off our servers and didn't allow us to host them anymore. Sadly there are a lot problems with servers in asia, so we don't know what we can do :( Maybe some other asian countries are not causing problems, but i'm not sure. I could imagine that South Korea could be a good place, or maybe japan.


If you like you can give it a try, servers cost around $5-15 per month


Japan VPS $8 - https://www.conoha.jp/en/pricing

South Korea $11 - https://my.starrydns.com/cart.php?gid=41&currency=2

Here is a full list: https://www.exoticvps.com/


Server Download: http://cncnet.org/files/cncnet-tunnel.exe (You need to install java)

Linux usage example: java -jar cncnet-tunnel.exe -name "My Cool Tunnel Server" -maxclients 200 -headless




We also have a fast game option now, when you host a game then choose "Peer-To-Peer (Fast)", when you join a game you need to check if it has a lightning bold icon


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