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Web hosting suggestions?


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The web host I've been using for most of my pages for just about 13 years is closing November 17th.


So does anyone have any suggestions whether to post here or PM me?


First priority is for my C&C/RA stuff I'm currently working on.  If I get on a C&C specific site, I'll just have to look elsewhere for a general host to put my other pages such as Castlevania.


Funny thing about my current soon to be former French host, is I don't even know French.  I just used babelfish to sign up.  500mb for free was a great deal.


EDIT: https://www.sitebuilder.com/ and https://www.websitebuilder.com/ look like the best free deals if they let me just upload html files in some space instead of using their designs or templates.  https://www.ehost.com/ looks like the best cheap deal.


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