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Red Alert Ports / Firewall


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I really appreciate in advance any support and help you can offer for the problem that I am experiencing.


I have recently downloaded Red Alert 1 CnCNet and have tried multiple attempts to connect to game; However whenever the game loads up it tells me that my firewall is preventing the client to connect. I have since receiving this message turned off my firewall settings in windows however the problem still persists. I can connect to lobbies however in game I can not connect I have attached a couple of screenshots to help you understand my situation. Thank-you again for any time spent resolving my issue.


Also on the login screen I have tried all 3 ports including; 8000, 6667 and 443. Despite changing these on the login screen still get the same error in game.




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Does that happen with both, Tunneled and Peer-To-Peer?


Note: Peer-To-Peer are the rooms with lightning bolt icon, those require ports to be open on some routers

Note: Tunneled are the the rooms with the dark gray font, those work on any router


Yes happens on both peer to peer and tunnelled.

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