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RA2 Campaing bugs


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Hi guys.

I picked up the game for free from Origin, but I'm having some game breaking bugs.

Someone know some solutions?


- maybe an un-official patch

- or a save game to skip a mssion

- or trainers


Thank you.


PS: this is the "new cnc-world"?

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It would be amazingly helpful if you would care to mention what bugs you're actually experiencing, instead of jumping straight to possible fixes for them...


And, no, this is not "the new cnc-world". This site is still pretty focused on the classic 2D Westwood C&C games.

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At the moment I'm stuck in Free Gataway mission (Allied campaign). When I get the MCV I have no money to build anything. The first time I've played that mission everything was fine, but later I restarted it and now I got always this bug.


In some previuous missions with no base all my units started with no ranks, but I manage to complete the level anyway. Same story here: first time no problems, all the starting unit with max rank. Restart the game got the bug.


My game version is 1.006.

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I know that I do not have ranked units in all "no-base" missions. I started one of them with ranked units. Failed, restarted, no more ranked units. I beat that anyway, not a big deal.


Now I have big trouble in that mission. The first time  I've build my base without problems. I restarted the game and I got the problem. So I load the "autosave" but still have this issue. When the MCV arrive I have no money, also I should find a money crate near the "Arc" but there is nothing. In the first game I found the crate.

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