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Unit values and crate effect chances


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Does anyone have this info or could someone advise where to look in the exe with a hex editor for the base values of unpowered up units and the equivalent to these RA settings:





And chances of different crate effects?


EDIT: Just found these crate values defined in the map Death Race:





















The map format is like TD where there's an .ini and .bin for each map.


EDIT: Nevermind unit info.  Found that in Myg sserver stuff at github.  Just couldn't find specific weapon stats, other than I know what what weapon each unit has, and found a list of projectiles(in weapon.cs).  Apparently base weapons are same as TD since minigunners had half the range but much better firing rate than vehicle machine guns.  Only thing is the game ignores FiresTwice=yes for the Mammoth tank, Rocket Launcher, and Stealth Tank and they just shoot one shot at a time.  I thought of the possibility that both shots are at the same time.  But at a low speed with the Rocket Launcher firing an inaccurate missile making a quite a turn that both missiles would be on the exact same path?  Smoke trail doesn't look any thicker for units with FiresTwice.


Should be fun to play around with this balance of units in RA.


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It seems for all tanks, artillery, and mobile rocket launcher, and possiblly others they did mess with the ROF beyond just using TD settings.  Timing them, TD vehicle machine guns (1.44 sec) and the total time for SSM 2 missile to first missile again cycle (22 sec) matched results of what I already have in RA.  I'm also wondering if they made the artillery less accurate.  If I can't find the exact weapon data somewhere I hope they didn't mess with damage and range too.  Range could be figured out but damage is another story without exact numbers.  Apparently FiresTwice is observed but probably changed to not modify ROF with second shot coming when single shot would repeat again.  Because when you watch the Flame Tank it alternates which side its flame comes from.


Also from the look of sserver stuff's order of projectiles Vs the id numbers of weapons in units data  I'm also wondering if they mixed up DinoChew (Herbivores) and DinoGore (Carnivores).  If they did got right, then Triceratops is a pointless unit with Sole Survivor stats.  It's same speed as T-Rex with less life and weaker attack.  If they mixed up attacks, then T-Rex and Rapter have the weaker attacks, but that's opposite of actual TD.

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