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Red Alert too slow to launch


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I've encountered a little problem with RA. I'd like to play with some friends but, the fact is, while hosting/joining, once the party is launch, the game launches after the 25-seconds delay that disconnects from the others.


I'm running on Windows 10 (64 bits). Anyone else encountered this ?

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I'm not sure if you can get it working by tweaking the game settings, then only thing you could try is turning off CnC-DDraw.


I don't know anything about windows 10 yet, maybe it has some special security settings built in that could cause such problem, i'm sure other people have the same problem with different games. Maybe you can find some information on google about it

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Yes, it was. But I found a way to fix the problem. (Thanks to google.)


I install all my games on another HDD than the OS'. I had to change the virutal memory allowed to the "Game" HDD following this scheme (http://www.rbrussell.com/2015/02/25/possible-fix-windows-10-running-very-slow/) :


– Open up Control panel

– Type in "Performance" into the search field

– Click "Adjust the appearence and performance of Windows"

(or Right-Click on My PC and select Properties)

– Open Advanced tab and click "change" button

– First uncheck "automatically manage paging file size for all drives"

– Then highlight drive the HDD the game is installed

– Select "System managed size" (Or you can allow the size you want, I think)

– Click “Set” and OK

– Finally Restart your PC and you're done


Now the game launches instantly (1-2 secs delay sometimes). I hope it will continue to work this way.


EDIT : Well, it worked for the five minutes after starting the PC. ._.


EDIT (Again) : When you choose the size, it seems that it works better. I'll test that tommorow, it's about seven in the morning here.

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