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Dune 2000 on Win8 Problem (downloaded via CnCnet page)



Hey, I have a weird problem with the Dune 2k i downloaded via clicking on downloads from CnCnet. It opens the launcher and the skirmish works just fine.


But everything related to singleplayer is not working i cant even open it, Exept the missions select screen, but the same problem occurs as soon as i press on any missions.


Problem: Everytime i try to launch singleplayer ( be it original game or any Expansions ) It says something like " Error your graphics card does not support this (Something along those lines) Please go to options (Launcher options) and select a new ressolution option.


Now the REAL problem here is that i have litteraly licked on everything, in every combination. Every ressolution the game launcher has available i have tried, still the same problem. But the ressolution works just fine on skirmish, i have not had any problems from any downloads on CnCnet exept the occational game freeze here and there, and with this, and the mod: Mental Omega; Allmost perfect Yuris revenge. As that mod constantly gave me errors for missing files when trying to launch it, in both skirmish and singleplayer. As soon as i got the files for one problem suddenly another file was missing.

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Yes, the problem is well known. I added a possible fix for it to CnCNet the other day (Skirmish/Online/LAN) and that's probably why skirmish works for you.


The download will be updated soon with the same fix for single player, until that, open your game folder and set the compatibility mode for dune2000.exe to "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"


Everything was working fine before, but microsoft seems to keep pushing updates to break support for programs. Maybe they want people to move on to windows 10...

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