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Tebrey’s Guide to Editing Tiberian Sun


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I found this when I was looking for some tags for a map I was working on. Some of it doesn't work but it is very informative on most of the configuration tags you can use when making maps...





The height of hovering vehicles. This is about head high to an infantryman. I like it set to about 60, that is waist high and a lot more believable.


This is the dampening effect on hover vehicle bounciness. In other words, how much the hovercraft bounces.


The time between hover bounces, in seconds.


The boost to hover speed when traveling on straight away.


The time it takes to accelerate to full speed, in seconds.


The time it takes to decelerate to full stop, in seconds.


Link: http://tiberian.iwarp.com/editingguidetots.htm



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Isn't practically all of that explained inside the rules.ini files anyway? WW documented these things really well.


I actually forgot about rules.ini until your post.. shows how much out of the game I've been. Haha.. I still think he touches some points to prevent crashes, unplayable games, and some overall clarity on some of the weird tags though. Maybe someone will find it useful.

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