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(Wht)Frosted Hostilities 1v1


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A map about choices.



-2 Expansion routes, both aggressive and defensive.

-2 base entrances, for early multi-prong attacks

-12 blossom trees... but all in difficult to defend positions

-2 entrances on defensive expansion area, for back and forth micro.


This map was designed to be able to use a LOT of different strategies on it, so far I've had some great games. Hope you guys enjoy it as well!



-Update: Fixed uneven amounts of tiberium (The sample picture is the same, so if you look at the tiberium amounts in the main base area, you'll notice that the western player has a little more and the eastern a little less). The new download will fix this mistake. So please re-download and delete the old copy.


Also, I noticed an uneven amount of downloads of the 2 files:

Remember to download BOTH files, as the map needs BOTH files to work (all C&C maps have 2 files). Place them into one of the folders in your "maps" folder (found in your C&C95 Folder)


Any troubles? Just post here in the forums, or ask me in the cncnet chat, if you happen to run into me :)




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