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AI using the Ion Cannon


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I was playing the second-to-last Nod mission (where you have to capture the GDI adv. com. center) in C&C1. I decided to beat the mission rather quickly (because I feel it's boring), so I set up my base between the top-left and the bottom-left Tiberium fields and started building a small base. Once I could afford building an obelisk or two, I did so, and noticed something very strange:


I built two obelisks near each other, and it didn't take long before the AI blasted one of them with its Ion Cannon. However, what was more annoying was that the AI almost immediately after blowing up the first one, fired its IC to the second obelisk, without any kind of delay! I know the AI cheats in many ways, but I thought it would at least respect the count-down delays in SWs :huh: (though, I know the Nod AI can do this with their nukes if you attack the temple after it has fired a nuke).


This may or may not be new to some of you, but is there a way to fix this? Also, the AI seems to never use its IC if there's no obelisk/adv. guard tower to fire at, which is just stupid.


P.S. If this topic belongs to another sub-forum, may one of the mods kindly move it to a correct one? :3

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Did you actually see it fire twice? It might just have been burn decay.


In the other case, did you do anything to provoke a second attack?




Found the solution. You crossed the river to enter their base :P



See these cells with "ion" on them? They trigger an instant ion cannon attack, completely separate from the timed ion cannon trigger.

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