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Briefing videos aren't playing (Red Alert)


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I used the installer provided in the stickied topic and it works better than I could have imagined (you guys did an amazing job!), except for one thing; I get the video for starting the first mission of a campaign, I get the videos for beating missions, I even got the files for the expansion mission briefings, but the briefing video for every mission of the standard campaigns after the first don't play.


So, for mission 2, 3, etc, there's no briefing video after/before/whenever I select a location on the map. I've tried messing with some options but nothing changes.

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Ooh, dang, I completely missed the checkbox in the installer for installing CD2 in addition to CD1. Update function doesn't seem to be sufficient for this >.> I guess I'll uninstall and reinstall it overnight since those downloads take awhile.

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