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Server Down?


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:arrow: Server will be online shortly, Just waiting for datacenter. To get back in touch with me to tell me what the problem is. Which there should be none. Unless there having a bit of downtime. Seen has the root ip is not connecting. Only getting a Connection Failed. Or has been reset. QUE message.


But bare in mind ;) This mean's i could test out the Windows version of ATS


(Alternative tiberian sun server WITH ladder and clan support. No bugs found yet. And official chat channel's added. And the channel MOD prefix working 100%)



Channel mod prefix:

Has you have all noticed. Sunbot1 or on xwis xwisadmin Have a lighting bolt which represent this users has a channel administrator or if admin status is set to higher SERVER operator.

Well the channel mod icon is a small speaker type image, There is a picture of the image below(Also it's inside one of the .mix file's has wolvoice.pcx)


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Updates with ladder/Clan support i'm sure will be completed by march 2008, Yes this is a long way away. You never know ;) I't might come suprisely before then:)


(Even though they are completed now, Just bug testing, Feature adding which will support use the features clan and ladder)


This is all info on this i'm going to be posting here. :)

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sounds good and im sure that the AWOS Servers will be the best servers out there for all supported games 8-) i take it that AWOS is going to grow up very great... several bugs will be fixed soon and many more ;) and i think AWOS runs much faster than the old xcc servers.


Best Regards to the CNC COMM TEAM.

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