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Cannot install Red Alert 2 PLEASE HELP :''''(





I recently bought new copies of RA2 as my old ones were damaged however i am having real issue trying to install the game!!  :down:


I have attached an image of the game, i believe it is the original version fyi.


Just so you're aware i am using Windows 7 and cannot download windows xp mode, i tried that ttoo  :( :(


I have changed the capabilities of all the .exe files in the folders to several different windows versions to get it to work (service pack XP 2 and 3, 2000, 95 and 98) changed the screen resolution of the computer and the game in the capability section but nothing seems to get me past the installation screen which i explain below.


I put the disc in, it asks me if i want to 'autorun' or 'open folder to view files' - when i autorun it takes me to the initial installation screen all fine and well. When i press 'install' the screen goes black for a second (as if it were to begin the installation) but then takes me back to the desktop - nothing more will happen.


I am really frustrated and have spent hours trying to fix this, please help me i'm so eager to get back to RA2 :( :( :(


Many thanks,





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This may be due to the Windows update that disables Safedisc. It's causing problems for a lot of games... see if uninstalling Windows update KB3086255 helps.


The safer and easier way, though, is to just make an Origin account and get the game for free from there. As long as they still give it away :). The digital version shouldn't have any issues with the missing SafeDisc, since it doesn't use any discs.

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