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Nod: One Vision, One Purpose update 1

Stealth Erazor

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Update 1


Welcome Back Commanders,


I am MasterOfAlbion, The Lead Producer for Nod: One Vision, One Purpose. I am also one of the main modelers for Strategic Warfare Studios. Now what I am about to show you all is neither complete nor a final representation of this Total Conversion.




A Little Background


Now I would not usually showcase Work In Progress or W.I.P. as it's now commonly abbreviated, but due to a shortage in helping hands I feel the need to do so. Now as you may well have or have not seen we announced Nod: One Vision, One Purpose back on September 3rd, 2009. When we first made that post we also put in our summary that it would be for an "Unspecified" Game Engine. This "Unspecified" Game engine would have been Unity since we were hoping to develop this total conversion as an independent freeware game, However we have since had no reply from EALA in regards to the matter we switched to our back up game engine.





Engine Switch


Nod: One Vision, One Purpose has moved to Unreal Tournament III. The team and I are of course aware of a great total conversion out there called Renegade X which is currently being developed by the Totem Arts. We are aware of that and I would just like to make this all clear before I proceed with our showcase: We are in NO way, shape, or form rivaling with the RENEGADE X team. Our team wishes to keep it that way. Also I would like to personally say good luck to Renegade X on their September 30th release date. Congratulations guys, you deserve it.




GDI & Nod Logo


First up is the GDI & Nod logo's.


These logo's were made from references from the very first Command & Conquer game and are quite true to the Originals.





Models were made by myself (MasterOfAlbion)




GDI Barracks






The barracks are quite true to the original in more ways than one; however, some detail changes were made to give the barracks a more realistic look as well be eye candy on the battlefield.


The model is a joint effort of myself (MasterOfAlbion) and Our Lead 3D Artist Ulyses



Tiberium Refinery


The Tiberium Refinery is closely based upon the Refinery from the original Command & Conquer game. However due to some bad design flaws made by Westwood Studio's in the original game and references we decided to update it and change the style of it a little as well as keeping close to the original design. This structure will be the most important structure in both GDI & Nod force bases, Without it your economy will fail and your forces would be overwhelmed.




This model was made by myself (MasterOfAlbion)



Strategic Warfare Studio's Vacancies


At S.W.S. we require particular talents, but then again so do all teams. At this time we are not listing all vacancies available as we wish to gradually build our team and get to know the new members and build that bond that makes a team successful.



We are currently in need of the following:



3D Artists


Requirements Are: 3ds max 2008 or greater and a knowledge on how to use the program effectively. Must be able to make models in one of the listed areas below. UVmapping & Bumpmapping skills is a plus but not essential.






Other Assets


2D Artists


Requirements Are: Adobe Photoshop CS2 or Greater (or anything that does the same job) A knowledge of how to use the programme and make realistic looking textures for at least one area listed below. 3ds Max 2008 or greater and knowledge of how to use it and also apply textures is a plus along with UVmapping & Bumpmapping skills but not essential.








Other Assets

World Textures (Including Sky)


So if you think you have the talent and the time to commit to such a project then feel free to submit your application to [email protected].


Use the template below as a base for your application (* are required and please remember to submit at least 2 pieces of your work to us).


* Username:

* Country:

* Age:

* Contact Email:

*Vacancy Applying For:

MSN Messenger: (not required but would be nice for live communication especially)



Moddb First, Then Came Facebook and Twitter


For those of you who wish to get any and all coverage of our updates you can follow us on either:











Last Minute Changes & Special Thanks


I would like to thank C&C Communications Center for recently hosting us at their forums with access to a news page system, So to follow us even more closely please visit.


C&C Communications Center




End Transmission

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