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Black screen after online matches (iMac - El Capitan)


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Installed yesterday and what a fantastic game to play. The only issue I had in-game was when my cursor just vanished. I could select stuff, I just couldn't see a cursor or know what I was clicking on. I had to force quit.


The bigger issue seems to be the black screen I get when the game is over. The person on the Windows machine gets the matrix of the match results. My screen is completely black with no cursor. If I CMD+TAB out of the window, it displays the black window at the top left corner of my desktop and is completely un-clickable. I can't re-enter full screen mode (is there a command for this?). I have to completely quit the app.


I fiddled with the main settings but nothing seems to get rid of it. If I abort a mission early, the voiceover gets cut off while saying "Battle control..." and the window vanishes. The only way for me to get back to the lobby is if I double click this tiny little window in the bottom left of my desktop (see attachment).


If I get back into the lobby with this method, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to get back to the main menu. All of my issues have to do with the windows so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I can't cycle through them, either.


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You can try to enable the OpenGL renderer in the config, this might solve the problems with the invisible cursor


The black screen issue is known, we couldnt figure out why it happens yet. You could try disable "Skip score screen" via the config, this way the game won't exit as dirty as it does right now, maybe it helps


Please let us know if the "Skip score screen" trick worked or if you found any other solution

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I've un-checked the option to view the scores. I've also switched the renderer over to OpenGL. I played about 10 games before the cursor went away so it's not a consistent glitch. I'll let you know if it happens again.


As far as the windows go, is there any way to sort of navigate properly through them? Is there any way to get back to the initial few selection screens or is it just the game window and the lobby window? If I was to exit the full-screen during a game, is there any way to re-enable it?

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