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Holy crap! C&C community news!


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I have not been good at posting news from other C&C sites lately as I thought someone (You know who you are) was going to do it.


Project Perfect Mod - www.ppmsite.com

PPM is in need of news posters (hey us too!) I will quote Banshee on this.

Hello everyone! We are in a dire need of news posters. Muldrake is traveling around the world, Aro is busy with real life. I'm busy and addicted to my final graduation project.


Also Banshee has created a smoothing function for Voxel Section Editor III. This function makes "blocky" voxels so smooth they remind of 3D models (but not quite).


My objective is to transform the volumetric models from Voxel Section Editor III into cool looking 3D models. And I'm almost there. I already managed to get a good looking mesh.


CnC World - www.cncworld.org

This is probably old news but CnC World is in need of more staff members.

After my week long absence I've noticed how static CnCWorld becomes when I'm without an internet connection. I've also finished my education and am moving into the big wide world of employment and am finding my free time to dedicate to the site is taking a hit.


So I am advertising for a vice webmaster or news poster to help keep CnCWorld fresh, with exciting and interesting new features, and the best source for C&C-related news.


Positions are unpaid, but there are perks; free EA games, beta keys and who knows, maybe you'll get the opportunity to attend a future community summit?

As a news poster you'd need to browse the community websites checking for news and post it on CnCWorld. Posting news is just a case of starting a new topic on our forums, so as long as you know how to post on forums and have a good grasp of the English language you'll be fine!


If you're after the vice webmaster position you'd need knowledge of HTML and help me come up with new ideas for the site and implement them.

Although you could of course suggest any ideas you have if you took the news poster role.

So if you're interested in joining me, please email [email protected] and let me know which position you're interested it.


Now that this is done, welcome Nod: One Vision, One Purpose to C&C Comm Center! For more info about this mod just click here! (or if you are viewing this from the main page just scroll down a little.



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