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ORE!!!!!!!! [MAP] By:Roooo


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Just for fun map!


The map object is that you expand as much as you can to defeat your enemies!


Teaming or not wont make a difference in this map.

The game might feel SLOW at the beginning, but it will be very FAST at the end.


《《《Very Important Note》》》 :  MCV Repacks Off Advised for a fair gameplay.


[UPDATE 2.01] SIMPLE ADD : Barrack can only be built after Ore Refinary.

[NEW] StartFixed version is in the description.








ORE!!!!!!V2[StartFixed] By_Roooo.jpg

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3 hours ago, Razaiakou said:

i cant seem to get the map to work more me dosent show up

A 2015 topic? :D woh 


Are you playing on cncnet? If you are just place the map in "maps/custom" then open cncnet and make a room then change the section from (battle) to (standard) and you will find it.

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