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need some explenation(solved)


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hello guys!!


I recently made up some maps and I came across two modes : 1)base ,which was pretty alike to structures

                                                                                            2)cell Triggers which has absolutely nothing in it

Also I found something named text trigger.

Could somebody explain my these things or just give me a link for a manual?



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You're talking about C&C1, right? These things are for making missions, not multiplayer maps. For maps, you shouldn't worry about them. Most scripting related stuff (triggers) doesn't work right in multiplayer anyway.


Anyway, if you want to know what it's all about, I suggest you look through this:



The BASE section is the rebuild list for the AI. You should do that stuff with a map editor; it's a mess to do it manually.

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                  sorry bro I mean ra1. :)

The thing is that I don't know how to make missions using ini/bin files - I also downloaded the XCC tools but still nothing- and I'm trying with the raed (red alert map maker) which is easier for me to use ;) ,  thanx anyway. :redalert::tibsun:

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TD and RA1 are more or less the same for making mission. The use of Base and Cell Triggers are the same for TD and RA1.


XCC Tools has a mission builder for TD and RAED is the mission builder for RA1.


Nyerguds talk of Base is right. All this dose is tell the AI how to build its base and in what order it should build them.


Cell Triggers are used for a tigger that use Entered by... *SIDE*


Text Trigger (ID num)... # is used to diplay text on the top left. The number will display the text as listed in the tutorial.ini. The stock Aftermanth tutorial.ini. has 209 lines if text.

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