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Hi guys,


I'm sorry if this has been covered in a previous thread, I did read the front page and saw little reference.


I just wondered whether there was a roadmap for a ladder release? I read about ironing out bugs first, which I think is logical, but for what it's worth here is my 2 cents:


- If we are purely waiting to fix all bugs to release a ladder; why wait? I'm happy to play a potentially buggy ladder, rather than nothing.

- Competition games may help find certain bugs, that wouldn't necessarily be reported otherwise?

- Players are much more likely to report bugs if it has affected them in competitive match play


I just wanted to say, I think you've done a fantastic job of re-igniting the imaginations of many former YR players and a lot of people I speak to are excited about the future possibilities of re-building this game.


Keep up the good work



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