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I have decided to make some singleplayer content for Civil Warfare v2.1, simply because I thought it would be cool to try and write some missions around the new rules and logic.

Before I write anything from scratch however I have decided to convert the Expansions missions first, simply because it was easier.


So first I have released the modified Counterstrike missions, featuring 9 Royals Missions* and 6 Corporate Missions**


The missions have generally been made harder and a couple of them have had their primary objective altered slightly.


*Mousetrap was changed from a Corporate mission to a Royal mission, although not much has actually changed.

**Having some strange problems with Proving grounds, may need to re-write from scratch.


I've also updated the rules.ini with some small balance fixes.


The ingame text has not been modified, I will post a complete fix for these when I have completed the aftermath missions.


Also attached are the extra SHP files required to be able to run the mod.





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