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Saved game file location

Phil UK 87

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Hi, I have a question about saved games in Tiberian Sun. Where are the saved games stored and how would you go about backing them up? I assumed there would be a save file in the install directory but can't find one. I'm running the freeware version with the "Windows 8 fix" which makes the game work pretty well on both Win 8 and Win 7 (except for the menus).


I want to be able to transfer my saved games from my PC to laptop but obviously would need to know where the save file is first. Any help would be appreciated :)

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^ Awesome thanks for that :). They were in the virtual store folder.


It was really confusing because I used "FolderChangesView" to try and detect where it was writing the saves to and it didn't detect anything. Anyway hopefully if anyone else is still playing this game and has this issue, they might find this thread.

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