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Official tunnel:


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Is it possible to get a official tunnel? Our tunnel is running with the next specs:


OS: Debian 7 x86_64 (CLI)


CPU: 2 x E5530 (8c/16t 2.4 GHz+ each)

Network: 100 Mbs


The server is verry stable. Only our gameservers for rent are running on it, so there aren't a lot spawn processes on it. The load is also verry low. Our server is also DDOS protected. The location is perfectly routed for west-Europe (and also pretty good for central-Europe.


Let us know what you think.







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I tested your server and promoted it, there should be more users on it now since it shows up on top of the list


Hi, Thanks.


The tunnel has a low latency in Europe. A lot of players do have a good ms (<100) when they were joining my ra2 yr games (Europe players).



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Thats great :)


I'm actually not sure how the sorting works in the YR client, hopefully it treats the promoted servers the same way as the officials and lists them on top, currently it looks like 2 servers are prefered by his YR client. Going to ask rampastring about it, just to be sure

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