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TS on 6 macs on local lan errors



We are playing CnC for a week on LAN at our office. We play only with MAC laptops.

CnC runs okay most of the time, but we want to play TS.


We only get it up and running if we choose "play online" > "lan" and then start a game, but there is always within 5 minutes someone who seems to have a bad connection or something and the entire game crashes. When I kick that player, the game continues, but then another player will have a "bad connection" and the game freezes again...


We tried playing a skirmish game, but in that lobby you cannot start a lan-game, just an offline game it seems...


What should we do?

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Is it always the same players who end up dropping from the games?


The best thing you could do is getting the wineskin winery and try to change the engine and other settings until it works better

There was a post somewhere here in the forums, someone could make the game run much better when he changed the settings, the only drawback was that the other games didn't work anymore after the changes, but that shouldn't be a problems since you can just have one wrapper for the first two games and another one for TS

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