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Problem With RedAlert1



Hi Guys,


since Yesterday I'm not more able to play on-line games on Red Alert1.

If I launch "Red Alert CnCNet" the program starts but then when I click "Play Online" the window simply disappears and nothing happens. Yesterday I noticed that before stop working "Red Alert CnCnet" made an update.


My Configuration is:

Windows 10 on 64 bit computer


I have already tried to reinstall but the problem is still on. I have also tried to check my antivirus/firewall but the program seems allowed.


Could you help me?



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I had tried also to run Red Alert CnCnet as admin but the only difference is at the moment of lunch it appears a window says :"If I allow that RA1MPLauncher can make some changes to my PC". Obviously I answer Yes but then I have the same behaviour already described above.


The things very strange is that since two days ago it worked very well!!!



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