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[AWOS] + [ATS] Important information.


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Important information on AWOS[/color:3kr56t87]


AWOS has now 2 separate sections


Alternative Classic Westwood Online (ACWOL) with WChat etc (old name AWOS)


Alternative Westwood Online (AWOL) TS,RA2 etc (old name ATS)


The Alternative Classic Westwood Online ACWOL[/color:3kr56t87]) Are very soon to be put back online!

They will come with feature's:

Ladder, And clan support.

Feature's removed - Tiberian sun and firestorm - Ra2 + EXP Yuri[/color:3kr56t87]


The Alternative Westwood Online [/color:3kr56t87](AWOL[/color:3kr56t87])

is also very soon to be released online!

They will come with feature's

Ladder support, Clan,Friends,Mailing service, More lobby commands And a official chat channel, Which in this chat channel will be lobby game's. For example, Monday equals trivia day and so on.[/color:3kr56t87]


Game's supported on [/color:3kr56t87](AWOL[/color:3kr56t87])

Tiberian sun, Firestorm, WDT Support for FS/RA2/YURI

Ra2 and EXP yuri will be added too the (ATS) games list.[/color:3kr56t87]


Here is a few example Commands.


/ladder help ( WIll show /ladder rank - Gets top 15 in the ladder for your supported game client , /ladder me - Get's your current rank, Game's played POINTS,Wins,Loss,Disconnect)


/GamesActive ( Will show the current official channel game's running, - Please remember for tiberian sun and firestorm you will after press back and go to the official chat channels and select the one which will be open - I'f your using games RA2 or EXP YURI you can simply type /GamesActive ON Which will ghost you into the channel which means you can not see what user's are typing in the ra2/yuri channel but on the games channel, You can chat, have fun and play the games in that channel. - To disable the ghost simple type /GamesActive - OFF)


Please note, These feature's are only available in the [AWOL] Server,

Also when connecting to the official ACWOL IP, I'f user is on Tiberian sun, RA2 or ra2 expansion yuri the whereto command will redirect you too the [AWOL] Server. (So no ip changed needed)


- What about the older Westwood games? ARE They still gonna be available?

-Yes they are - But only on the ACWOL Server, NOT AWOL.

- But what about clans and ladders Will they be available in ACWOL as well as AWOL?

-Yes :)[/color:3kr56t87]

I'f anybody has any question's Or wishes to know more,

Please reply in the topic.





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Kyle, I've editted your post so that It's not a global announcement (Unfortunately, the global selection on the finish post section sets the certain topic to appear in all threads, Even Tore's 'Please read before posting' thread appears in some forums that are not effected by the rules stated in that topic).


Excellent work, by the way. :P


I Do have a question. What is the story a CD Keys and serials? I Know that it does not search for them, but how exactly do you create an online accound with out a Serial?

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What is the story a CD Keys and serials? I Know that it does not search for them, but how exactly do you create an online accound with out a Serial?

You need need to create an account like you did on westwood.

But this feature can be enabled. But i rather not enable it.


All you have to do is login has you would on xwis,

I'f you want to use a new nickname, Just delete the USERNAME edit box in game,

And enter a new one. Once you have logged in with your desired username if it has not already been used. Your account will automaticly be registered to the server.


But if people dont want this and want to use the original feature. Then Vote on are poll:)



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