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C&C Gold v1.06b revision 2 released!


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Nyerguds Industries Proudly Presents:



Nyerguds Industries Slightly Less Proudly admits that the main fix in this patch is for a crash caused by his own modifications to add the new Snow theater. A hotfix was already released to deal with this problem, but with this new release the actual 1.06 patch is stable without needing any additional updates


Full changes list:

  • Fixed a crash that occured on temperate/winter/snow maps when showing the tree type 'T13' on the minimap after saving the game
  • Assigning unit teams to numbers (with [CTRL]+[number]) now works for the number 0 too, like in the DOS version
  • The box that appears in network games when the game tries to (re)connect to players is now centered in high resolution
  • Fixed the fact that the "Start New Game" function crashed the game if either of the campaign starting missions had no starting videos configured in the mission file
  • The Funpark launcher program no longer triggers virus scanners (it was never actually a virus though)

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