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I'm having a real hard time getting this here map to work........


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It's my first map for C&C, it took me about 3 hours to build, and I really NEED to see it working.

I used the CCMAP 3.1, and have been unable to continue work on it in any editor.

It simply crashes, and says there's a memory error in 1.06b,

and it loads in older DOSbox versions, but allows no player control, and the entire map is fogged.


Any ideas?

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Eh, no offence, but that map looks horrible, there are tons too many trees, and there's so much wrong with it...


-you can't place air units on the map. No matter what CCMap says.

-your lose and win triggers repeat. So does the Nod production trigger. There's no reason for this.

-your bases are awful. Leave space for the concrete slabs under them, even if CCMap doesn't show it.

-As a rule, try to keep your file under 16k. Theoretically, this limit doesn't apply in C&C95, but in DOS C&C, anything beyond that 16k limit is simply NOT READ. That means, all of your infantry and units simply don't exist to the game. They're not inside those first 16k. And even when making missions for C&C95, it's still a good idea to keep around that.


Now let's look at your mission... You have over 100 structures, about 500 trees, almost NINE HUNDRED cells of tiberium, over 250 infantry units, and another 100 vehicles on the map, including the illegal helicopter types. That's just WAY too much.


Especially the trees are a mess. They slow down the game horrendously.



As for the multiplayer map, why did you put pre-placed units and structures on that? You can never be sure which team you'll be in a MP game, so most likely you'll just be dumped on there somewhere and have 2 enemies with a base. Also, in multiplayer you need to set waypoints to serve as multiplayer starting points...

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