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Lots of lag in Yuri's Revenge



Hi guys,


A few days ago I discovered this site and played a few games of Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge with a friend of mine. At that point we were both playing on the same network, without any issues.


Now, we tried another round of games. This time we're not on the same network. However, we both have incredible lag issues making the game completely unplayable. Both our computers and internet connections are fine though. It's not like it's a Canadian IP trying to connect with an Australian one, we literally live about two kilometers apart.


Any suggestions for making this work? Only being able to play while on the same network is a bit inconvenient  :(

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Yes, in both instances we used the same computers. Both running quad core Intel CPUs (mine a slightly old Q9450, but that still shouldn't have issues) with high-end graphics cards that easily run this game in single player. It's only when we try to play online through CnC that we're having issues. Not only when connecting to each others games online (as I said, on the same network we have no issues whatsoever), but also when connecting to others.

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