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I started playing ra2 in 1999 in 2000 when yr came out i joined the auf2 squad...after a bit i moved up and in 2001 the founder Wiganfc left to join the army and left me in charge as leader. We played till the end of wol and the first couple years of xwis. Then i quit for 12-13 years. So no im not a copycat=)

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So are we supposed to be impressed by this? Bro listen, you guys are not that good. You're going around taunting about how oldschool you and your clan is well lets just keep this in check here, the real oldschool WOL clans would be embarassed of a clan like yours. So R.O.F.L. dont make me laugh kid. Keep going around spewing about how oldschool you guys are while half the guys in your clan instantly log off when PAX challenges them to a game. Still, admittedly, yeah, Ok you guys are anyones last hope of a decent good game but answer me this with a straight face when will auf members admit to the following: A.) I've spanked half your clan multiple times already and B.) The shit talking starts with auf not me. I'm only now responding to you accordingly and you as apparently the auf clan leader I want you to call out aufs best to versus me on cncnet maybe then you'll witness for yourself the hesitant responses that i get from them. I'm a bit sick and tired of hearing people taunting auf and nrabuffalo as the best contenders and the "true pros of cncnet" HAHA! Yeah i ask around and i got that as a response, literally made me LOL.


As for the YR community of today: the WOL of the past was something unimaginable to you flock of free wins.


And auf since you claim to be a real WOL oldschool vet i'm sure you'll be able to appreciate my personal background.

I returned to the YR scene from nearly ten years of not playing & instantly began my winning streak not having lost a single touch of the mouse, or so i thought. I quickly began to realize this was nothing more than the result of repeated noob bash after noob bash. I couldn't believe my eyes with everyone flaunting the word PRO as if it's become the new lol. I'll save you the long list of things wrong with the cncnet community but I will say this, as of today, i've yet to find me anything reminiscent of a real PRO on cncnet.


So auf, expect to see me around next month when ZiGZaGs' ladder hits. Maybe during the tourny you guys will decide not to run from me. HAHAHA

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Buffalo" post="39816" timestamp="1453782157"]

To put into perspective how old school i am...the first time i played yr i played on a pentium 1 750mhz 256gb ram pc :huh:


:o i too had a 750 mhz idk about the ram think it was 128 maybe and ra2 ran fine lol



yea it did run fine no problem...had a dial up internet connection too.


And Pax...lol idont know who you are or what your even talking about..there's no taunting or whatever lol i dont even claim to be very good. Im just a old man still enjoying a kid's game :heady:

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