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  1. If i had a dime for every best player ever topic started, i'd be rich lol..besides if you really want to know who’s #1 just ask Mahbod🤣 besides, best clan ever topics are much more fun lol -AuF- ftw 😃
  2. http://prntscr.com/jpk8qx I could not resist!
  3. this fuckin sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like mindwar said "your a fucking legend ZIGZAG" your a legend bro!!! my glass is raised to you my friend!
  4. Thanks Grant ive got a couple tournament streams he commentated with me on
  5. http://prntscr.com/jo7rxh
  6. We all been together in a group skype for years now..Zigzag,Buffalo, Mindwar,Chandler and Sero Like Chandler said...the almost daily banter going back n forth in a competitive but friendly manner..im pushed to tears sitting here still in dis-belief after only just finding out myself.My breathe feels like its been knocked out of me like i been punched in the chest.. Jonny Smith was his real name although many knew him as "jason" remember how short life can be folks...at the end of the day Ziggy died a human being, a son, a brother and many other titles...my heart goes out to his family and friends..RIP friend!
  7. this is why ill never do another 2v2 lol
  8. At first glance i like it so far...thanx [email protected] would be pointless for noobs to play by definition..however alot of players get called noobs but are good...ish=)
  9. I like dbl elimination..we did it in our last 2v2 and i think would be fun for 1v1.
  10. sure share those with me...you are also welcome to help stream.
  11. rules rules..hmm for one im thinking about going no yuri for a change
  12. Sounds good...ill sign you up for bracketology too =)
  13. Once the 2v2 finishes up , I would like to put on my second 1v1 cash tourny. If anyone has preliminary thoughts or ideas or anything they want to see, please post here=)
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