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  1. sounds logical enough
  2. Nyerguds alludes to alot of things alot of the times
  3. Justin is about a big of a asshole as there is in the world....but he is my friend and I do have to say that his Allied play is very good, especially when he actually tries. Of course if he is not playing well he will tell you he's not trying lol so let the beholder form his own perspective. But yes he is very good and primarily Allied so he gets my nod. ps...he has no patience to vs Yuri but a non yuri tourny (1v1) would be interesting to see how his Allies truly hold up. Sunny (Rival) Is a very good allied player as well with the difference imho being that Sunny will Allied camp you to death while Justin looks for the early TKO. =)
  4. Im gonna say Buffalo even though he dont play allies alot....he is the best 1v1 player on cncnet period....Marko dont play here and until someone that plays here half way regularly can beat him in a series, he get's the tip of my hat.
  5. i would give 100$ there's 400$ Grant =P
  6. Heck by far..especially with ffa's
  7. the balance of love/hate in the world has been tilted in favor of hate and quickly heading towards tipping the scale over sadly
  8. Lol Daveo...thats just Justin being Justin....and you created it more than 14 years ago by the way=)
  9. And now for a traffic update....the 6 lane H2H expressway is backed up for days and barely at a crawl. However the Jesus pike is clear and wide open even though it is only 1 lane.
  10. and as far as clanmates...there's no clans on cncnet yr...AuFRuLeR has been my nick since WOL, you know that. So unless there is ever a good reason to have a "clan" tag...I'm removing the [AuF] from my name....When i was leader back when there were hundreds of clans, i never allowed in- fighting...especially in-fighting gone public. So for me to have nothing to do with all this nonsense...the easiest thing for me to do is say there is no [AuF] at this time from now on till further notice.
  11. if anyone of you had a smart,pretty,intelligient girlfriend...none of this would be actually happening....everyone here is a adult (i use that term very loosely) but i understand....i myself have been guilty of rage hating some of the completely dirty rotten rude shameless trashy bottomfeeding trolling insulting evil dispicable heartless tasteless classless rebelious careless thoughtless spineless gutless worthless garbage that I encounter online. The answer and the truth is very simple..All men need Jesus, few find him