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  1. I believe he hit you with Tiger style and finished you off with the praying mantis Matt.....rofl
  2. They just talking about CNC Alb3rt YOu used a big word "humble"...do you know the defintion? =P
  3. lol nvm
  4. There's racial epithets being thrown around in YR? And even by some of the most well respected and well spoken gentleman you have just mentioned? Oh dear....what is this world coming too?
  5. grassyass
  6. or what are the best settings? i keep adjusting but having nothing but problems http://prntscr.com/fcpnnq
  7. i think it would be easier to make moonshine. I'm very confused. this is not simple at all unless your a programmer.
  8. when loading for game the screen go to small window...and after the game the small window comes back and hangs up there for a long delay before restoring to full screen. noticed after update http://prntscr.com/fcokj0
  9. There's 2 things happening here that i'm very impressed with 1) Justin "making a good point" and 2) Justin quoting JSDS and responding in a civilized manner.
  10. Ah....are we talking about a ladder or making moonshine?
  11. I already spent your money buying you a new helmet for your birthday
  12. lol , yes you dont want to go in blind to his maps or you will be in for a surprise.
  13. Ever heard of a guy named McFly? thats you lol I dont play..played 3 times this whole year....i prefer playing against AI Bots mostly....they dont have anything stupid to say.