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  1. a great loss to the game and to ranked games. ive played with him since 2007 on xwis. RIP man, enjoyed our wind ups. fucking harsh way to go out.
  2. This is pretty much 101 allied vs sovs, takes good micro but when i play allied this is pretty much what i do. or only make mirage, because they out run rhinos
  3. Supers should not be random for SvA, there are many maps on the list that a sov late game has 0 chance if both players are on the same level. unless you had someone competent and unbiased to figure out which maps super weapons can be off. but i would not even try and open that Pandora's box.
  4. i think it would be quix hes good sovs and has pretty good tc, a shame he doesn't 1v1 much
  5. River rampage is very balanced sov v allied, a decent allied play will never let you get navy so you have to defend allied navy on that map. if you don't believe me go play someone like marsh he knows how to win on that map. if two players on the same level played the sov will never win without sw. ive tested this before vs maybe marsh or someone eles.
  6. So this is where you been hiding @ZiGZaG i been looking for you in qm lol
  7. for pro players you have to arrange your games, iam keen to do a series if you want ( next few days ). but the best bet is to log on to cncnet and look for good players. it may not be as easy since people will multi nick.
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