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The problem with laggers, once and for all


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I think people do not really understand what causes lagg. I work for ISP company, and i explored some of the issue. Tiberian sun dosent need more than 2.5MB connection to the internet, the information that passes is not such much. so dont be a troll and brags that you have 100MB connection, u may have a 1TB connection and lagg problem.


Moreover, you can download files while playing, it dosent cause a slowdown or any lagg 100%, Although uploading may be the cause for a lagg game, so try to avoid uploading. ( To show you that, each of you can test it. download a file from this link: http://www.thinkbroadband.com/download.html and try to do normal activities that need Internet. yes, maybe to load 1080P youtube movie will be a little difficult but thats it, u can do also everyhing normaly. Now try to upload a file, and you will find the difficulty of making the same normal operations. Actually, even enter google will be hard. )


The main problem ( but not the only one ) is the computer itself. Check for any running programes, stupid things like any FW or AV, check your CPU when TS running, and if your computer using 100% CPU its very bad, check the Task manager and close any unessential program. Sometimes even small things can have an effect as an open Internet website, Excel document, Pphotos, just close everything.


Another thing that may cause a lagg is the details level, if u have a lot Interal Errors or slowdown when something blowing out, a change of the details level to medium or low can slove the problem.


Hige Resolution issue, A lot of players like to play 1080X720\800 resolution or even higher. this thing may cause lagg aswell. test it in a skirmish game, if your comp cant run it seamlessly, low your resolution.


Sorry if i made some mistakes, English isnt my language, have a nice day!

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