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  1. Only the Germany language pack have translation for the movies. Franch just have vocies (Eva and Cabal)
  2. To add the old RA2 playlist for Yuri's Revenge expansion, download the next rar file and extract it and replace the files into you'r RA2 folder: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1g6d6mahkt2ec00/ra2music.rar/file
  3. Start with give the owner of the subs the option to see his subs when they are underground. It happens so ofter when u send subs for attack, you go back to your base cos "base under attack" and then you need find out where the hell are your subs (ofc you can ctrl+team them i know, but it can be nice adding)
  4. HF (and get popcorn) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMIV8nZHLkE
  5. New Tiberian Sun mod developed by Lucas has just come out. You can watch the latest update from Holland and my Gameplay, or just download for yourself and try. One of the key changes is the creation of red Tiberium, which is actually more powerful than blue and green Tiberium. It is worth more money, it does more damage to soldiers and when it explodes, and it also rare to find. New skirmish options like the one i choosed - the extra hard AI mod and full campaign is on the way. https://youtu.be/OvBIefdFr1o
  6. Hey, i did 1 video in german for the people in germany, and i didnt had it. I just download the full and free game from here in this link: https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/the-game/installer And than i just add the Gernan files from here: https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/20410-tiberian-sunfirestorm-language-pack/ I had no problems.
  7. Hey all, I just made a new video on what i think the top 10 mods for command and conquer games. https://youtu.be/xXI8yhyEHx0 What do you think?
  8. You added a change three months ago - "q" key is now use for multiple movment ability. The point is, we used to use "q" for attack + move with titan, hover ro dizz. Because of the change, it becomes very difficult to control movement + attack together. Can the keys be separated? Leave the "Q" key as it used to be, and add another key for multiple movements.
  9. The results of the Red Alert 2 survey are here! The conclusion: Be one with Yuri. Thanks to all the 730 players who took a part in cncnet and in my youtube channel. 1. Yuri - 6035 points 2. France - 5995 points 3. America - 5595 points 4. Both Russia and Korea - 5270 points 5. Iraq - 5130 points 6. Great britain - 5020 points 7. Libya - 4465 points 8. Germany - 4135 points 9. Cuba - 3965 points
  10. Made a new fresh command and conquer history video for 2020 - have a fun. https://youtu.be/YBlBvwGcefs
  11. Usually i dont post here things about my channel, but this game was great gameplay for me - and im sure other guys who love Red Alert will enjoy it. HF! BTW - link to download the map in the description of the video. Good intensive map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Yw_5_3JEo
  12. Agrathores created a renewal for NOD and GDI campaigns. The HASH addresses were in this link: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=coop For some reason, almost all the missions are gone and I can't find them. Anyone know how to find them?
  13. Hey guys, I remember i download some mod or maybe i changed somthing in game files that allow me to use speed slider at camaign mode. I bought a new computer and reinstalled Red Alert. I searched for the same mod again, but couldn't find it. Anyone know the mod I'm talking about?
  14. I think Obelisk is one of the most disproportionate cost-benefit structures. It must cost 1,000 max. If some1 remember TS vanila, ob didnt have a one-second lag time until the shot. They add it later. Evidence of that, I can hardly see people building obelisk in their game.
  15. zoom3000

    No sound problem

    Hey, i have new computer with win10. After I installed TS online version, i have no sound in game, no chat sound, just typing sound. I have sound in my windows, and i installed the matherboard drivers. What can be the problem? thnx. EDIT - PROBLEM SLOVED! Ok, the following video explains how to solve the issue if anyone need it after install new win 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGBU6-4Qb1Y
  16. hey humble, how can i download the map? the hash code cant be copy paste fully. cncnet search box limits me for somthing like 20 characters.
  17. hey guys, I saw many survival maps in this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jawpel4ruai0vfj/AABnFYkG2F40yymIII5H_Lnja?dl=0 1 problem - the file type is "map" and not "yrm" like the rest of the YR maps files. How can i play it then? i tried to edit it to yrm file, and open it with FinalAlert 2, but it doesnt help. Any advice?
  18. I woke up in the morning and said that we had to keep fit, so we would play a little skirmish. There's nothing like 7 brutals vs 1, it was so hard but i survived in this heroic game. Can you give me advice on what to do better next time? Thnx! ( Link to the game ) https://youtu.be/GKUm598Gsu4
  19. Which recording software do you use? I suggest you chagne the video resolution to 1280x720 before upload it to youtube ( in ur software, no matter what resolution your game is ). this resolotuion is best for 720p, u cant record TS in 1080p anyway so no need. check my video for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI4AkMxu1pc&index=27&list=PLamnoxId_aK1uW8xPlgKN-IIlR1eo1y9z
  20. Hey, I created two videos with a number of tricks for new players, and more will come. share with the newbs! *I started with this project to promote the level of the new players, the more good players the more fun to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaS4lXqPIfs&index=2&list=PLamnoxId_aK32AeYmYeDLN5Jg05WFA0sO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1fWzt3QhXw&index=1&list=PLamnoxId_aK32AeYmYeDLN5Jg05WFA0sO
  21. https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=3438.0
  22. u need 42 inch screen to see something with out killing your eyes at this resulotion lol
  23. i just found the ss i took years ago, in some old backup disc. 3:18:20 hours game, played at 10.9.2009. I remember the map, it was grays map ( like battle day 8 just with no mods ) now someone will say " what u talk about?? just 3 hours?? my record is 17 hours game!" LOL
  24. I still have the original one since 1999 ( in my language hebrew ) I will translate what is written on the last image System requirements: Windows 95/98 CPU: Pentium I 166MHz ( who remember the "turbo" button on 586 computer that bust the MHz from 100 to 133 lol, we overclocked the cpu 16 years ago ) RAM: 32MB Free Hard Drive: 200MB Free Mouse needed DirectX6 And people still lagg... O_o
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