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  1. The results of the Red Alert 2 survey are here! The conclusion: Be one with Yuri. Thanks to all the 730 players who took a part in cncnet and in my youtube channel. 1. Yuri - 6035 points 2. France - 5995 points 3. America - 5595 points 4. Both Russia and Korea - 5270 points 5. Iraq - 5130 points 6. Great britain - 5020 points 7. Libya - 4465 points 8. Germany - 4135 points 9. Cuba - 3965 points
  2. Made a new fresh command and conquer history video for 2020 - have a fun. https://youtu.be/YBlBvwGcefs
  3. Usually i dont post here things about my channel, but this game was great gameplay for me - and im sure other guys who love Red Alert will enjoy it. HF! BTW - link to download the map in the description of the video. Good intensive map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Yw_5_3JEo
  4. Agrathores created a renewal for NOD and GDI campaigns. The HASH addresses were in this link: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=ts&age=0&search=coop For some reason, almost all the missions are gone and I can't find them. Anyone know how to find them?
  5. Hey guys, I remember i download some mod or maybe i changed somthing in game files that allow me to use speed slider at camaign mode. I bought a new computer and reinstalled Red Alert. I searched for the same mod again, but couldn't find it. Anyone know the mod I'm talking about?
  6. I think Obelisk is one of the most disproportionate cost-benefit structures. It must cost 1,000 max. If some1 remember TS vanila, ob didnt have a one-second lag time until the shot. They add it later. Evidence of that, I can hardly see people building obelisk in their game.
  7. zoom3000

    No sound problem

    Hey, i have new computer with win10. After I installed TS online version, i have no sound in game, no chat sound, just typing sound. I have sound in my windows, and i installed the matherboard drivers. What can be the problem? thnx. EDIT - PROBLEM SLOVED! Ok, the following video explains how to solve the issue if anyone need it after install new win 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGBU6-4Qb1Y
  8. hey humble, how can i download the map? the hash code cant be copy paste fully. cncnet search box limits me for somthing like 20 characters.
  9. hey guys, I saw many survival maps in this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jawpel4ruai0vfj/AABnFYkG2F40yymIII5H_Lnja?dl=0 1 problem - the file type is "map" and not "yrm" like the rest of the YR maps files. How can i play it then? i tried to edit it to yrm file, and open it with FinalAlert 2, but it doesnt help. Any advice?
  10. I woke up in the morning and said that we had to keep fit, so we would play a little skirmish. There's nothing like 7 brutals vs 1, it was so hard but i survived in this heroic game. Can you give me advice on what to do better next time? Thnx! ( Link to the game ) https://youtu.be/GKUm598Gsu4
  11. Which recording software do you use? I suggest you chagne the video resolution to 1280x720 before upload it to youtube ( in ur software, no matter what resolution your game is ). this resolotuion is best for 720p, u cant record TS in 1080p anyway so no need. check my video for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI4AkMxu1pc&index=27&list=PLamnoxId_aK1uW8xPlgKN-IIlR1eo1y9z
  12. Hey, I created two videos with a number of tricks for new players, and more will come. share with the newbs! *I started with this project to promote the level of the new players, the more good players the more fun to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaS4lXqPIfs&index=2&list=PLamnoxId_aK32AeYmYeDLN5Jg05WFA0sO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1fWzt3QhXw&index=1&list=PLamnoxId_aK32AeYmYeDLN5Jg05WFA0sO
  13. https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=3438.0
  14. u need 42 inch screen to see something with out killing your eyes at this resulotion lol
  15. i just found the ss i took years ago, in some old backup disc. 3:18:20 hours game, played at 10.9.2009. I remember the map, it was grays map ( like battle day 8 just with no mods ) now someone will say " what u talk about?? just 3 hours?? my record is 17 hours game!" LOL
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