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Every time i try to start Red Alert once the 1st window pops up, it crashes.


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I tried to run my game after installing your 3.03 patch and changing the resolution to fit my monitor. It ran fine, and it fit my screen (Finally), but all of the buildings and characters were really small, like i was super high above them. So i tried to change my resolution again, and when i restarted the game, it crashed and gave me the dump file. Apparently i've gotta give it to a dude named Iran. Other than that, i have no idea what to do to fix my resolution problem. I just wanna play this game, man. I've gotta complete the Childhood Throwback.

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The higher the resolution the more of the map you see hence why everything gets smaller. Try playing in 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1024 x 600 (or 575) if you want higher res, but don't want super tiny units. Alternatively 640 x 400 still works nicely. :)


The file you should upload is in your RA folder and is called ra95.dmp If I remember correctly.



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Thank you for tips man! ill experiment around with the Rezz and see whats up. I cant experiment though until im actually able to launch the game, which i have to give that file to Iran first. Ill upload it here, should i compress it first or upload as is? Ive never uploaded a file like this before. Thanks man!

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