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It's my understanding that the beta ladder test is over, for more than one reason ;) but going forward here are my main ideas to improve the ladder.


1) TS, and maybe all of the ladders in general need a moderator, more specifically a cheat moderator. For issues such as free wins mostly, or pushing, since this server ladders are mostly cheat free. Someone voted upon by each games community individually. For TS id propose "Humble".

2) Implement (if possible) a spectator mode for ladder games. This would rule out a lot of confusion for free wins, especially if people wanted the designated moderator for each ladder to watch games, and even in general with 3rd party witnesses should limit confusion about dodging and free wins.

3) Do away with the 3 game per day limit for one player versus another. I understand this was to limit pushing, however, that is too low and 10 is too high, perhaps a happy medium, at 5 or so.

4) Do away with the 3 game limit as I said, but SORT OF revert to the old lower ranked player versus higher ranked player system, BUT DO NOT DISALLOW a HIGHER RANK TO PLAY A LOWER RANK OR VICE VERSA - instead, REWARD SOMEONE MORE FOR BEATING A HIGHER RANK!

5) Update the champions pages more frequently, if you have them and as we were told before they would be implemented more often, do it, if not we're back to XWIS.


I will add to this later.  :heady:

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Based on the extreme amounts of dodging/1 mapping thats been happening the only solution I can think of is implementing an "random match maker" only ladder system.


Cant see why anybody besides sexpro/kaizen would be against it.


I know id start playing again if this was in.

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