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Hi there!

I'm an app developer, and i'm building my own version of C&C from scratch for desktop and mobile. i've got most of the basic game login down, but i'm in dire need of assets. i've managed to find very limited sprite sheets for several units and buildings but i haven't figured out how or where to find ALL the sprite sheets for c&c 1 or red alert 1.

help would be much appreciated!

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You can extract and convert the SHP files using XCC Mixer, from the XCC Utilities pack. They're inside conquer.mix for both games, but for RA1 I believe conquer.mix is inside redalert.mix. You'll need to match them to their correct colour palette though, and keep the transparency information intact; these are 8-bit games, and the first index on the palette serves as transparency.


If you're not familiar with 8-bit sprites, it's very important to note that while colour #0 is black on the ingame palettes, you can NOT just treat this as black == transparent. That'll give you trouble with any real black on the sprites turning into holes.

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