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Hi all. First, im sorry for my bad anglish and thanks for epic CnCNet service ;)


I have question, me and small community of C&C fans Plays several C&C Games using CnCNet. Im using XSplit gamecaster for stream games. But in Red Alert 2 stream cant start because TAB button is new button and dont show in game settings. I also cant change Xsplit start stream hotkey.


So help me please, i need clear TAB in my CnCNet RA2.


Ty for reading, best wishes from http://www.cncseries.ru/

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Then, are you sure the issue is tab specifically, or can XSplit just not access the keyboard inside RA2 at all?

No, i can start stream when game loading. But ingame pressing tab and showing players moving game "outside" render and xsplit losing game focus.


I Streamed TS, TI, And even TD and RA1 via openGL render. Stream itself work fine with ra2. Problem is only with overlay to start stream.

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