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Game crashes on me over and over



Hello again, today I'm here for the crash wich is shown in the screenshot, it happens at an exact time, not when scrolling down or something, the map is called "need for speed" it's some old fan-made map from 2009, but i can't go any futher because the game keeps crashing, and no this crash number isn't stated here: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/15009-crash-research/?p=190361


Edit: nevermind I quess... I tried everything at my base including selling EVERYTHING and that kinds stuff, didn't help so I was afraid is was something about the enemy base, but it was still to strong so I couldn't get into it, then I desperately flew my choppers over thier base and since then it didn't happen anymore somehow...


PS I would still love to know how it comes if someone knows because it still happens later in the game but till then I'll try keep fixing it with choppers I quess.


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