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  1. Grove4life5

    Missions by Alexander Klietz

    These missions are very interesting, they could indeed suit very well in the campaign, I really liked mad scientist because there's several bases to overcome and the first outpost doesn't build back when you destroy it, and the desert was lovely as well xd
  2. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - First aid (single player)

    This one's actually ok and fun tho, good job.
  3. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Alcatraz Island (single player)

    Listen, if you make a mission, make it POSSIBLE. On the other hand, I shouldn't come with this 5 years after.
  4. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Eagle action (single player)

    The mission isn't actually that bad, anyone else finished it?
  5. Cool lil missions, pretty hard too but fun, just to bad that "Hover Crazy" is not included as of now.
  6. Me reacting to old mission again: I love how you got those A-10's to constantly fly over the map in formation, never seen that before, the mission also gives you a very though time building your base just like "Orca Assault". Another unique one, really straining your skills.
  7. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Orca Assault (single player)

    Yup, I'm playing all these maps from old to new, and say what I think about them wether they are new or made before I was born, and I'm glad I got you hooked into this XD
  8. Grove4life5

    Mouse bug since Windows 10 update.

    Great, that worked! Much love.
  9. Grove4life5

    Mouse bug since Windows 10 update.

    Hi all, so I've just installed a new Windows 10 update and now when I go in game and into the main menu my mouse keeps getting stuck in the corners, making it pretty much unplayable. Am I the only one here? plez halp PS I was going to record a bit but the game also defies my recording software.
  10. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Orca Assault (single player)

    A really hard start, they do actually test you defence in many different ways, good mission.
  11. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - New World (working title)

    Beatable with a single full APC... Just 2 groups of Minigunners to guard 2 points.... Kinda underpowered VS GDI with MCV.
  12. Artillery FTW, good map, not too hard to too easy.
  13. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Tiberium Garden Skirmish v2

    NOD did absolutely nothing.... All I found was a Contruction Yard, Power Station and a Gun Turret...
  14. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Biolab (single player)

    I swear this is the hardest mission I've played yet, at first I failed several times and stopped playing for months and now I got back at it and completed the misson on the slowest speed, good god I'm gonna need a break, oh wiat, already did, time for some easier missions then **
  15. Grove4life5

    Tiberian Dawn - Green Death (Single Player)

    Now I think about it I didn't sell the Hand of Nod... My mistake.