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Map causes internal error after adding teams and scripts


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Do you know any possibilities to cause the online game to crash with the error YR has encountered an internal problem or something? It started doing that after I added teams for taskforces and scripts for them to attack an area when they spawn. I'm making a survival map.

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upload the map here, then somebody can have a look on it.


also, check every section of your map one by one.

so open your map in a text editor, remove the .ini changes and look if your map still dones't work, then remove triggers and try again, then team types, units, buildings etc until your map doesn't crash anymore.

when you found the section (e.g. the triggers) open the original map again and check each individual trigger by removing it until the map works again. then the error might be in the trigger itself or in something it links to, e.g. a teamtype.


it's quite a mess all that, but you'll definitively find the error by doing that.

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