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RA1 editing factions


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Lately I've becoming interested in editing red alert 1. My main interest is in adding a third side. So far I haven't been able to find accurate information about editing factions/countries. Is this possible?


If this isn't, is there a way to use a trick to get the same result, like replacing a country and using it as a third faction?



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You can't add third side. The best you can do is take one of the countries and make it a 3rd side by editing the rules.ini/spawn.dpx or map.


Say you want to make England your new 3rd side. You will have to edit just about every unit and building. You will have to remove Owner=allies from any unit and building you don't want England to have. This mean you will have to change Owner=allies to Owner=Germany,France,Greece,Spain *and maybe Turkey as I'm not sure if they are a Allied house*


To add a Soviet unit to your new side all you have to do is add England to the Owner=. Just make sure that England can meet the unit/buildings Prerequisite but this should only really be a factor with infantry.

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