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Other Renegade Games!!!

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Red Alert: A path Beyond




Tiberium Sun Reborn





Since there are not current Renegade Servers up due to douche bag "Hackers" DDOSing them. Ive sen someone made a interface/GUI program


They are Modified Version of Renegade that are modded to Red Alert and Tiberium Sin Series(After Tib Dawn)



I had these games awhile ago on my computer but no one played online. They are pretty big games to down load. It's simple to do.



go to the website:




Click Download and play now



or the direct link here:




and install it. Make a account on the forum site so you have a login for their Interface/GUI



After you install it and make a login. Go here on the side bar of the program(In the attached pic). Click on the game to download it and allow it to download. It's that simple. I see there are a couple people online, on TS:Reborn. Hopefully we can get more player on since there are no current renegade servers up and running.






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TS: reborn works on Windows XP and up.(for those who still run it. I do on my one computer  XD)


Red Alert: A Path Beyond works on Windows 7 and up.

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