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Hi, i just visited the leader board at cncnet.com website and saw that many players stats were visible there.. like games played won lost etc.. even some players who had just played 1 or 2 games there stats were visible.. i never change my nick (Ibti) but i could not found my stats in the list there..

Please help me do i need to register some where to get my stats there? if u r thinking i need to reach top40 then i believe i am.. becoz i saw few people with 1 or 2 games in leader board list, i played so many  :O


In short how to bring my stats for my nick (Ibti) in leader board page... for tiberian sun of course.. help would be appreciated sir.

thanks in advance  :)

i have attached a pic of that page


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If you look at the bottom of your page you'll see that the public beta for the leaderboard is over. That means that you cannot submit anything to it right now.


If everything goes well the leaderboard will return during the summer.

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