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Red Alert Reloaded Campaign Final Release


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  • 9 months later...

Nice work, I played some of the missions including the last soviet one but it seems good. Played on my first desert map.


The 3rd and I believe 4th allied mission crashed on start, I included the crash dumpfile if you can get information out of it.


Tbh I did apply some minor tweaks. On the soviet mission air assault you have no radar, which is kinda annoying, so I swapped out one of power plants for a radar dome. I also noticed that you imported your own rules for red alert which overuled mine. I was not entirely content with the fact that light tanks had mammoth tusk missles as secondairy in a mission in which I cannot build vehicles. So I removed those rules. And my hinds are slightly more powerfull. But other than that great work!


The last mission was quite easy as you could just spawn in demo trucks, and you also had an iron curtain for them  8)

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  • 1 month later...

Hi zocom, I am currently compiling a Mega compilation for all the best known SP maps/campaigns out there, and was wondering if I could include this.  There aren't too many modern releases, but this is certainly one I would like to have in the compilation.  All the original readme files are being included with the release, as well as the author info where available (if you have even more details on authors, I can update the compilation if necessary).  My name is only listed as the author of the compilation itself (which is actually hard find, hehe).  In-game, the author who made the map is listed right in the selection list for each level.


Do I have permission to include this?

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