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  1. I am going to try this out allright. How do you add the TD structures to RA?
  2. Playing the mega compilation, I was supprised to find out that some missions had structures of TD ported to red alert. I am wondering how I can do the same? Is there a simple guide or a topic about this? I thought it would be neet to add the old power plant and the comm center instead of radar dome for the allies (would I lose the radar screen?). And can I work with this in RAED?
  3. Raed does not crash but edwin is. Raed is nice to make missions with, but it kinda sux to create maps with. So only 8 spots for me, I will try me best
  4. ok, will do. Don't release too many updates too soon. I only finished the 'Stalin's comback' campgain (<-- approved) EDIT: I downloaded the new files of your link but it is only half done. RAED recognizes the theme but edwin still crashes sometimes. And to produce a map in RAED is undoable. You already dont have to try to click on 'debris' because that = crash. And there are more of those things. And when I wanted to place stuff, it was like I was holding the mouse button, and things got placed wherever my mouse went. I cannot have that my prescious time and hardwork gets deleted because I accidently press 'debris'. So untill somebody makes the cave theme 100% crash-proof in edwin I cannot create cave maps. I also wanted to ask you, which mission file numbers are still available, meaning scuxxxea.ini.
  5. I wanted to produce a mission in the clear cave them, but it cannot be done. RAED does not recognize the theme and edwin keeps crashing if you try to select something which does not exists, like debris and trees. And I could not find black tiles
  6. I'd like to volunteer. Red alert 3 still makes me cry with those sorry graphics.
  7. In Edwin I made a new map, first time in the jungle theme. Than I turned the map into a mission in RAED, but poor me it crashes. I also tried the map without any objects in skirmish, but it also crash. I also could not run the blank jungle map so apparantly red alert really does not like the jungle theme I'm running v3.03 on a windows 7 machine I have the jungle.mix file and nor Edwin or RAED gave any problems. Is this is a known/fixable issue? if so, howcan?
  8. Tnx, it seems I only need the special theme example maps. I already had the patched edwin in fullscreen mode and I can just open all the different themes
  9. Last couple of day it seems that RAED does not actually save the changes in the ini files. I do get the message 'saved'. But I still have to manually copy paste the text. I am unsure but I think it is linked to an other inconvenience, at first I named my files after the original campaign missions, but then I changed it to custom missions like; 'cmu196ea'. When I want to open something in raed, non of these custom mission ini files are listed. I still can open them via windows, when I manually select 'open with' and then select raed but it is a bit odd that these ini files are not listed. And now it is kinda annoying that the saving does not work. Every time I want to make a change: open text in raed -> ctrl A -> Ctrl C, -> open ini file in notepad -> Ctrl A -> Ctrl V -> Ctrl S -> Alt F4 I find it more convenient to press the F2 button once. - Why does this happen? - How can I fix this?
  10. I have a 'constant' trigger which keeps sending in reinforcements every X amount of time, on a given moment I can do something which destroys the trigger to stop the reinforcements, so far so good. But after this I would like to restart the trigger with a different action. I tried to use a cell trigger which forces the original reinforcements trigger, but that does not work. Instead of re-activating the trigger, I fire the actions belonging to that trigger instead. So every time when my unit drives over this specific cell, a new reinforcements team comes in. And when I send 10 units over that cell I have 10x the reinforcements team Question: is it even possible to do what I want? and if so, howcan?
  11. I downloaded some custom missions here and suprise suprise I was playing red alert on a desert maps and indoor maps and winter maps. My question: with what map editor could I do this? And is it possible to modify the existing edwin to accept these other climates? I already have the appriopate tiles mix files.
  12. I would like to share my 9th self made mission for red alert. I think it is bug free at the moment. It is a bit of complicated one, but there are several ways in which some jobs can be done. You must for instance infiltrate 2 technology centers to locate some things, but if you spies die it is not a big deal. I did play it with my own rules.ini but I believe it should be even easier with the default rules. The only thing lacking are messages in game but that is about it. If somebody is interested to test it out and give me some feedback, I included the .ini, you should find it under custom missions, and if not rename it much obliged I was atleast thinking to change the starting to a beach for an amphibious landing and increase the defense of the power plants. Mission can also be completed if you get your tanya killed.
  13. I have a question. I cannot open XCC editor it says that it cannot find all mix files. However I did follow the instructions on the OP. I downloaded the winter, desert and temperate mix files and I copied conquer.mix to the XCC main folder. But yet I get the message that it is unable to open all the mix files. out of desperation I copied the entire TD game folder to the XCC folder (which was a whopping 1.12GB according to my pc??) and it worked. 1. So which mix files are all actually needed for XCC Editor EDIT general.mix* 2. Is XCC editor only good for tiberian dawn? Or can I use it for other games as well? 3. Can I get a link to a tutorial for XCC editor? The program appears to be rather user-unfriendly and is not nearly as clear as RAED. I was also looking for a replacement for RAED because RAED is too unconvenient for big map changes, I miss the icons for map objects. I still use the original map editor of red alert to produce maps, but it does not have the dessert option.
  14. Nice work, I played some of the missions including the last soviet one but it seems good. Played on my first desert map. The 3rd and I believe 4th allied mission crashed on start, I included the crash dumpfile if you can get information out of it. Tbh I did apply some minor tweaks. On the soviet mission air assault you have no radar, which is kinda annoying, so I swapped out one of power plants for a radar dome. I also noticed that you imported your own rules for red alert which overuled mine. I was not entirely content with the fact that light tanks had mammoth tusk missles as secondairy in a mission in which I cannot build vehicles. So I removed those rules. And my hinds are slightly more powerfull. But other than that great work! The last mission was quite easy as you could just spawn in demo trucks, and you also had an iron curtain for them
  15. amen to that! The only thing tibed adds to modding is crashes. I used tibed for tiberian sun, game always crashed after a few minutes
  16. One of the problems westwood had, was that they were once heaviliy limited to hardware, such as CD. For the oldest games this ment that all our videos of kane and great comrade Stalin were in the shittiest available quality. But I can imagine that they were not actually filming with that quality back in the days. Westwood must have kept some higher res vids, or didn't they??? So I was wondering if anybody knows what happened to those recordings if they existed at all.
  17. I cannot really help you with your specific problems but I do want to share a few things. In RAED I attempted to let the AI nuke me. Such was not possible and I got advice to manually adjust some values in the ini files. But what happened? Things got messed up, certain units suddenly had the wrong triggers. Some triggers suddenly had total different actions. I think RAED did that. When I opened my map RAED instantly gave me a warning about my trigger having wrong values and RAED automatically out-commented the trigger ; and the the ;trigger got placed on top of the trigger list. My point is simply that modding like we do can have unforseen consequences. You would be better of to redo the works. Delete all triggers and make new ones. You can perhaps recycle some easy ones like the victory condition.
  18. you know what is funny. I played the very last allied mission today and it took me a bit longer as I was using longbows alot. And all the sudden my screen turned white O_o. The worst thing was not that it happened after I destroyed the missile silo, no the worst part was that it hit the 3 most vital structures. In a blink of an eye I lost my conyard, techcentre(thus entire map became black without GPS) and radar dome. I dont have to tell you how dark that was.
  19. Imo RAED has 2 issues. And I am leaving all the bugs out of the question. The first issues are that there are things which simply just do not. Like the trigger 'thiefed by'. According to the tutorial this one does not seem to work and there more things just like that which simply do not work. The 2nd issue is just like the one you describe. There are a bucketload of things which are unexplained in the youtube tutorial and unexplained in the written tutorial and of which nobody seems to know. For instance some of the unit modes are not explained. Why would I want to put a unit on 'rescue' mode? No tutorial says and nobody seems to know. Just like the 'global' thing we just do not know. My best guess is that perhaps it has something to do with the off-screen game timer, it is the only thing I can think of really. But most likely it is one of those redundant 'features' which do not work.
  20. I am currently modding TS but there are 2 things which I cannot find. After the TS patch, you could build several wall sections at once. In the rules.ini there still says that a wallsegment costs 50 credits. But in-game it still costs 250. I have been snooping through several MIX files but for me it is a needle in a haystack. Howcan? I cannot find the values of tiberium. As we all know, tiberian sun always had one certain issue and that is the ever lasting lack of resources. For now I increased the harvester's capacitiy by ~50% and I increased the harvy's speed by 2. But I'd really like to actually increase the value for tiberium so I can get more out of the fields. Howcan?
  21. I have encountered a minor glitch I think. Sometimes the Greek AI tends to build soviet structures and vehicles. It doesnt do it every time though. I also had a USSR AI building light tanks and APCs once. It is not a big issue or something but does any know what causes it or/and it is fix-able??
  22. Put in the rules.ini that yaks are available from techlevel -1 and you will never see yaks again
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