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excessive connections from a single host





Im new to this forums but i've played on CNCNet for a longer time. First I would like to say thanks for the provided service.


We've played with friends from the same house with 4 players multiple times but today when 5th player joined we all got disconnected with the message "excessive connections from a single host"


As read on this link, https://cncnet.org/what-is-cncnet it should be possible, what are we doing wrong?


Thanks in advance



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The limit on the new server is 3 players per connection, it could be that it was raised to 4players recently but I didn't hear anything about it yet (I asked the gamesurge admins about that some time ago)


The only thing you guys can do is playing a offline LAN game by selecting LAN at the login screen. If you like to play online then you would need to use multiple internet connections or you can also use a VPN/Proxy server

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