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How Does Brutal AI work?


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Hi all!


First off I would like to thank those behind Cnc.net... this is so awesome!


I have always been able to easily beat Yuri AI, until recently when I tried myself against the cnc.net custum "brutal AI". Ouch! How does this feature work? Is it possible for a human to build/play that well or does the AI receive some sort of credit advantage?


Thanks for any help!

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Technically, the option injects the following code into the map:





It basically makes the AI build more units and attack more often, gives it a lot of extra money, makes it play less defensively, and additionally cuts 40% of the Hard AI's build time for units and structures.


Despite the cheats it's still very well beatable, I actually find it way too easy despite not being a RA2/YR pro (although skilled in C&C in general).

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Ah. The only changes that actually do something are lower TeamDelays and more VirtualPurifiers, so the changes are that the AI attacks twice as often and gets even more extra money.


The following code doesn't do anything:




[Easy] actually affects the Hard AI, [Normal] affects the Medium AI and [Difficult] affects the Easy AI (yes, it goes the other way than you'd expect). [brutal] and [Medium] don't exist in Rules.ini and so they don't do anything.

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